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What do I do in free time The biggest problems that young people suffer in our time are “leisure time,” and it is a problem in children, adolescents, young people and even the elderly, so the vacuum in some people is a blessing because he knows how to spend but when others is a curse because he does not know how Spend and how to get rid of it.

today we will know

(1) what is the definition of leisure time

(2) and its damage,

(3) what we have to spend.

What we mean by leisure is those times when a person does not find anything to do and does not practice any scientific, literary, cultural, artistic or recreational activities. Man can not live without interacting with the surrounding environment.

He needs this interaction to acquire knowledge or entertainment. , And leisure time can be exploited in a positive or negative way depending on the nature of the job and preoccupied himself.

Damage to leisure time – it drives the youth to play and tampering and push them to poor accompaniment, and may affect them by making them characterized by indifference and neglect, and then to deviation and loss.

– And leisure also prompts young people to do or get involved in the crimes, as the English saying: “Satan finds work for the hands of the unemployed to work.” – Non-exploitation of leisure time useful things lead to delayed maturity of young people physically, mentally and psychologically.

– One of the most important disadvantages of leisure time is to enter into depression and mental illness, which may disrupt the lives of many young people. How do I spend free time – ask for knowledge, science does not stop and when I finish a stage of education I favor moving to the next stage.

– Learn some of the skills that young people need, such as computers, literacy skills, and research skills. – Participation in scientific, exploratory and tourist trips.

– Participation in voluntary work and community service. – One of the most important things that eliminate leisure time is “the role of parents” in the development of the capabilities of their children and guided them on the right way to spend leisure, and parents can raise the motives of their children and instincts. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There are many naafis in which many people are absent: health and emptiness.

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