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The right to life

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A person is born free and dear among parents, who are responsible for raising and nurturing him, feeding him, caring for him and caring for him, and embracing him with love and tenderness so that he can develop sound psychological and physical development.

The human being has the right to live a safe and dignified life, to live and to exercise his activities without restriction or fear. He has absolute freedom to live, and no one can interfere with him or his affairs as long as he acts within his borders. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in paragraph 3 that:

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”

. This includes his or her practices, activities and physical, moral, psychological and physical integrity. The right to a decent life between a family and a family, a home and relatives, a social incubation, and a healthy community environment, without fear, hesitation, or anxiety, can only be assured and that all the necessities of life, food, drink and clothing are met.

his work as permitted capacity and qualifications of physical and mental. The right to life is controversial throughout the ages, because the weak man used to be used as a servant and a servant, and not a right to live. He was subjected to insults and humiliations, heavy beatings, and extreme cruelty.

Many countries passed through dark ages, where man was sold and bought as a cheap commodity in the markets, just as America did during the days of racism and discrimination against black Africans living , even revolted and demanded freedom and the right to life.

Today, there is a strong debate about the human right to life. Some patients who go into a long coma and stay on their ventilators on ventilators for a long period of five to twenty years are raised to die and die; Did not wake up from coma, and this choice taken by relatives of the patient, deprive the patient of life.

The individual often commits crimes without realizing the seriousness of what he is doing, and may be punished by the death penalty, namely, the elimination of his life, either by hanging or shot, and the death penalty is considered to be contrary to the right to life, which is contrary to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , And some countries carry out the death penalty for criminals who have assaulted the lives of others.

Some States give the offender the right to self-defense, to hire a lawyer to defend him, and instead of the death sentence, the sentence is sentenced to life imprisonment or hard labor, and the sentence is considered to be lighter than execution.

There has been a conscious public opinion of many societies, diverse cultures and religions, against all threats to human life from wars and weapons of mass destruction. International and private institutions have been established to protect and defend this right and have been prevented from producing nuclear weapons or their experiments. and safety, without fear or concern.

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