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Green tea and Ginger play an important role in burning fats:
Green tea and ginger are an effective drinks in the process of burning fat, especially abdominal fat. In addition to the many benefits of green tea and ginger for the body, it is known that green tea has many benefits, especially in weight loss, in addition to the benefits of ginger in the process of burning fat and raising the metabolic rate. With green tea we get double the results in eliminating fat.
The benefits of green tea:
Green tea is one of the best natural ways to reduce weight, as 2 cups of green tea a day to raise the rate of metabolism, and it helps to suppress appetite, green tea contains antioxidants that carry the cells of the body from damage and resist cancer, Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
Green tea contains polyphenols, which increase the metabolic rate and thus increase body fat burning. Green tea regulates the level of sugar in the blood, as the increase in the insulin rate leads to the accumulation of fat in the body.
Benefits of Ginger: Ginger is used to treat digestive problems. Ginger is effective in the treatment of constipation, colic, gas, and also reduces the level of sugar in the blood, promotes metabolism by up to 20% and therefore works to burn fat and reduce weight, Appetite, also works to burn excess calories by raising body temperature, controls the levels of cortisol responsible for increasing abdominal fat, treats arthritis, which can be a handicap in exercise.
How to use green tea and ginger in thinning: Bring a cup of boiling water and inside a small piece of fresh ginger or a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger in addition to hanging dry green tea and leave 10 minutes and then filtered and drink on the saliva before breakfast half an hour and another cup before lunch For half an hour, and for a greater weight loss, Dr. Mona Radames’ health system can be followed by ginger and green tea.


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